Thursday, May 15, 2008

Green & Sustainable, Front Porch Homes Utilizes James Hardie Siding

James Hardie® products are rare in that they combine beauty and durability and also are considered "Green and Sustainable" by industry professionals.

Low maintenance

"I've been using Hardie siding in the Texas heat for over 10 years. The homes I built then still look brand new today."Jim Sargent, GMB, CGB, CAPS

Specified on LEED® certified buildings

The Robert Redford Building for the Natural Resources Defense Council, ranked among the highest LEED® rated buildings in America.Designed by Moule and Polyzoides Architects and Urbanists

Local materials and resources

Operating 10 manufacturing facilities enables you to support the regional economy and reduce the environmental impacts resulting from transportation of materials.


"I've used James Hardie siding for years and have been delighted with the results. It's sustainable and the only product I will consider substituting for wood."Sarah Susanka, FAIA


"HardieBacker™ cement board is our choice for wet area walls and floors. Its moisture resistance and Moldblock™ technology ensure durability and a commitment to quality we can trust."Sebastian Lombardo, Lombardo Homes

Natural raw materials (wood pulp, cement, sand and water)

"Green products shouldn't be made from endangered materials. One of the reasons James Hardie products are 'green' is because they incorporate natural ingredients that are low in toxicity. And, they last longer than other products." Peter Pfeiffer, FAIA, designer of the first Zero-Energy Home

Better building envelope

"Where cladding systems such as fiber-cement siding shine is that they allow air circulation and don't inhibit drainage. That's very different from a stucco assembly or a brick veneer."Joseph Lstiburek, BASC, M.ENG., PH.D, P.ENG

"Once we researched the market and realized how superior James Hardie Siding was, not only as a "Green Product" but as an external veneer that can give Cotton Crossing & Front Porch Homes the Traditional Architectural look that will look good for years to come, Hardie-Plank was the only choice."

Mark P. Felton II, Developer of Cotton Crossing in Woodway, Tx and President of Frontera Development & Front Porch Homes.

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